We accomplished a lot in May!  The website is up! We reached out to lawyers, and other organizations to start laying the groundwork for moving forward in Phase One of our goal! Volunteers are steping up to help out! And, we kicked off our fundraising push! Thank you to everyone who has supported this project!!  

Lacy O'Brien

We are at 5% of our first fundraising goal!
We launched our initiative to gain small donation subscriptions at our "Team Two" tier.  The #STONGASABOSS Challenge is dedicated to everyone who has grown through what they've gone through.  We hope, by branching out to other communities, such as crossfit, hikers, yogis, and runners, that our circle of fundraising efforts will grow.  So much thanks to anyone who has signed up.  If you would like to join and invite others to join the challenge, you can use the images below.

A facebook event has been created here .